Tech Task #1

“There are three kinds of people in this world, those on the train, those watching the train go by and those saying ‘what train?’” –Greg McLean

My name is Randi Klassen and I currently studying Education and Chemistry at the University of Regina.  I am in Education for two specific reasons, I was inspired and I wish to inspire. My Band director in High School is my biggest inspiration. Through something as simple as music I discovered a lot about life, people and myself. Mr.McLean had four bachelor degrees, two masters and one doctorate degree. He loves music more then I can imagine but he has passion for his students. In fact, his retirement party had over six thousand former students attend. I learned there is a big difference between loving something and having passion for it. I am ecstatic about music but I have true passion for people.  I always thought that I would end up in a career in music but when I found chemistry I couldn’t leave the subject alone. There is something exciting to me about knowing and understanding the small and complicated details of everything that exists around me, from the air I breath to the reaction of food in my stomach. Mr. McLean has always been someone I looked up. I hope that I become as great of a teacher as he was.  He taught me so much about life and true happiness, not even happiness, but joy. He always said “happiness is temporary; joy exists even in the sadness.”  I want to inspire my students as Mr.McLean inspired me, and show them that joy comes from having passion for something or someone.

I think I am on that train.



3 responses to “Tech Task #1

  1. Great post Randi! I really like the quote you started your post with, it fits perfectly with your entry and it was ended nicely when you said “I think I am on that train.” I think what helped put you on the train was the inspiration you received from your former educator. Although chemistry played a big part of where you are today – you could be on a completely different path if you had not been inspired by Mr. McLean.

  2. That’s a very beautiful post, Randi. If in all our life we can have ONE inspiring teacher, that is enough to shape us as teachers, parents, lovers, activists. You are definitely on the train. And I belive you have the power to stop that train and drag some students with you on board 🙂

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