The world gets a taste of Miss. Klassen

Today was my first day as Miss. Klassen. I have been placed in a grade 6 classroom in a Catholic School in Regina for the first time I am going to actually teach! My teaching partner, Kelsey and I are going to teach a lesson on explorers that came to Canada  so if any of you have any suggestions for us we are open to them! Kelsey and I don’t spend to much time in this area, we are quite honestly both more comfortable with math equations and chemistry but this should stretch us out of our box a little bit.

My class is great.  They respected their teacher and their fellow peers so much. They were so well behaved that they actually do peer teaching for gym class. The teacher just sits back and the kids take turns teaching gym class everyday. It makes her life easy and the children really work with and listen to each other well.  During recess I was incredibly surprised to hear that she thought they could be better behaved then what we saw, because they were little angels! Well we will see what comes in the future.

They are incredibly smart.

Kelsey and I played a game with them to see if they knew about the different types of sciences. We admit that when we were in grade six we didn’t know what zoology, astronomy or physics was but all of our kids knew them!  I am really looking forward to this semester.



One response to “The world gets a taste of Miss. Klassen

  1. Dear Miss Klassen,
    Just had to do that because it probably still feels a bit “funny”. It sounds like this is a very interesting and respectful class. I encourage you to think about the work that the teacher has done in the first part of the year up to now to make it that way. What do you think are the key factors? Is it planning? Relationship? Teaching? Observe with that in mind, and you may want to ask her some questions as well.
    – Wendy

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