People never cease to amaze me.

So today I went and googled “education news” because my mind has been running dry for something to talk about.  The third article that popped up just blew my mind. This Lady, Lynda Richards was my high school cafeteria lady. I saw her almost everyday whether I was buying her famous cookies and chocolate milk or asking if I could borrow her kitchen facilities for one of my many student council projects such as bake sales and talent and dessert nights. I am shocked to have read that this woman was once illiterate. Something I took completely for granted, my ability to read.

Not being able to read lead to substance abuse problems, job problems and family problems. Saying that she couldn’t even read labels at the grocery store, this broke my heart.  Lynda changed her life around and now she owns the cafeteria at the COMP where I grew up and I’ll tell you, she must do well for herself, because there is always a line a mile long for her poutine or pizza. She also has her grade 11 diploma and a certificate for chemical dependency counsellor.

There are two things that stood out to me the most.

First, adults who want to upgrade their highschool education must first pass an acceptance test. The tests are designed so that you must be at a certain level to obtain the instruction. The problem being that the people who need this the MOST are the LEAST likely to get it, due to the pre-testing. This is completely backwards and shows some major faults in the system. What do you think?

Second. This is a lady that I saw everyday, and although I wasn’t “mean” to her I did not go out of my way to get to know her. She has had such a rough life and I am sure the kids I went to high school would have treated her differently if they would have known, I know I would have.  I guess this connects to teaching, you never know the struggles behind a person who puts on such a face and their outward appearance should not determine the way you treat them.

You really do learn something everyday.



One response to “People never cease to amaze me.

  1. You never know what kind of a life someone you see often has had eh. At my old school I wouldn’t say I really got to know the people who were always around but they were always so friendly and were nice to talk to. Specifically I can think of our old janitors, always in the background going unnoticed and unappreciated; now when ever I go home and see my old janitors I always make sure to talk to them and hopefully give them the feeling that they are not going unnoticed and unappreciated.
    It would shock me if I found out something like that had gone on in someones life that I know. I know it would make me want to talk to them and hear their story from themselves if they wanted to talk about it. Interesting post, really made me think.

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