I follow Mr. Brian Bennett on twitter, and if you don’t already, you should. He is a science teacher whose tweets scream that he  is fully invested in his subject and the children that he teaches. His posts tend to encourage me, give me new ideas and most importantly they challenge me as a future educator.

This is a man that doesn’t know me, nor do I know him, but he has changed my philosophy on education. He seems to be so far ahead of the game that he talks about stuff I have never heard of and I must go google it to see what he is saying.

Mr. Bennett uses the strategy of flip class. I saw him tweet this a few times and then i became overwhelmingly curious as to what this is. I am in my second year of education and I have not heard this term, so to the search engine I go.

Can you imagine a setting where kids receive a lecture at home and do homework in the class? Is that not completely backwards to everything we have learned about what ‘school’ is? But this really makes sense. Teachers who use the structure of flip class develop videos, pod casts and other types of media to lecture their students, while their students are home. With the widespread of computers, mp3 players, ipods and smart phones that can do it all, this is an improvement to the way we learn. I would argue that this is REAL learning, at the heart of learning.

The teacher in this video, Adam Sams went from a teacher centred classroom to a student centred classroom with teenagers that have become responsible for their own education. These are the students that become life long learners.

Mr. Sams says that instead of children going to school to learn they go to school to apply. That is powerful in itself, because when knowledge is applied, the knowledge is embedded and a deeper understanding is revealed.  Watch it for yourself.

This has my mind swirling with ideas and inspiration for my next lesson plans.

This is a direction that I believe we should be going.

Think about it.


2 responses to “#flipclass

  1. I’m still on the fence about this method of teaching. I can definitely see the benefits, especially at the highschool level because oftentimes students who need help with their homework – at home – turn to their parents. Unfortunately, parents usually have no idea how to do the work and can’t really help their child at all. I think that the homework assignments should be done at schools because that is where it is most beneficial for the students. However, I have doubts that the students would all watch the videos and the teacher would end up having to reteach everything in the classroom anyway. Of course, this would not always be the case and there are snags in any teaching method (we all know that even in the classroom students need to be retaught the lesson because of not paying attention).
    I think flipclass would be a wonderful thing to try, but I also do not think that it should – or will – replace the traditional classroom.
    Also, I am an early childhood educator (pre K-3), so my opinion may be biased as I cannot see this working with very young students.

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