Day One

This is going to be harder then it looks.

First of all its my room mates birthday and she wanted me to go to the movies with her and her friends to celebrate… but I can`t. She completely understands but I feel terrible. Secondly, I just got a call from a new friend who has never called me before and she asked me to go dancing.. again I had to say no. My parents are coming here tonight and they wanted to take me out for supper, I suggested that we stay at my place and I will cook them supper.

This isn`t a challenge to stop spending my money. This is a challenge to reduce my consuming to as little as possible. This means that other people can`t buy me things just because I am doing this project… by drinking a coffee that someone has bought me I am still consuming. Instead, I made my own coffee at home because there is much less of a economic foot print in home-made food.

Speaking of coffee….

This is Kelsey eating her Tims while we study.  We were at the school early and when we are studying we always get a Tims so that`s all I could think about, but I need to think about the bigger picture!  Although she still gets her Tims she is making sure to keep me in line. Make sure to check out her blog too!



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