Day 7

I have completed one full week of being consumer-less! I have done some math and I realized that by this point last month I had spent about $150 on “stuff”; not rent, not cloths, not food, just stuff. I have spent $0 this month and I am not missing out on anything! I had an entertaining weekend and I do really have something to wear without having to buy a new outfit. I have learned that I can do things I never thought of without spending money. For example, I exchanged some tutoring for an amateur trim for my hair and I went to the basketball games at the University with my friend Ali. We get in free with our student cards and since it was the final four the place was packed with excited fans.

I swapped a night out and supper at restaurant for a great half time show!

I have kept myself busy with homework and making my own home made meals! That is another thing I have gained already from this experience, the desire to learn how to cook because if I can’t cook, I am not going to be eating. This experience has also made me aware of how much food I buy at school. Since I am a science student, I am at the school a lot and I guess I was just too lazy to pack a lunch. Now that I don’t buy food I realize how fast the food I bought for this month is diminishing. I guess more planning is in the future for me!

24 days to go!!


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