Half way there … Alomst!

I am almost half way through my consumer awareness project. Right before this project I set out my own limits and rules to what I was going to do. On February 29th I went through the food I had in my apartment and I planned out my meals for the month. Then, I went to the grocery store and bought all the milk, bread, fruits and vegetables I would need for the first two weeks of the month. I set aside $50 to replenish the fresh food on March 15th. I definitely did not realize how much food I eat in two weeks. I used to always buy my lunch and snacks at school so I was completely unaware of how much I would need. Turns out I underestimated by about 5 days on the amount of food I would eat. I have not been eating very well over the last five days, I’m basically down to Kraft dinner, oatmeal and rice cakes. I contemplated with many friends about the option to go and buy my food early. This was probably the smartest idea as I feel tired and hungry almost all the time, which is very distracting to my university life. I am a student in the area of science and my classes require a lot of brain power. I came to the conclusion that this project was not just about spending less money, this project was to make me aware of my own consuming and in turn to live with in my means. I started this project on the notion over half the world lives on less the two dollars a day, and they must live with in those means. Why can’t I live off of rice cakes and oatmeal for a few days? Well I have, and I will tell you, I’m hungry, but people are much more hungry then I am.  The season of the thirty hour famine has arrived and I feel as though I am participating in my own way. I will have students who will come to school hungry and their learning will be effected by this. This has been a great chance to step into their shoes. I have a analytical chemistry midterm today so I guess I will see how 4 days of not eating very well is going to affect my performance. My stomach is empty but I am filled with ideas and new perspectives, this is defiantly not one of the lessons that I planned on learning. All this being said, I am more then excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow! I will be much more conscious of getting the most out of my $50 so that this does not happen again. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging comments my way! You have encouraged me more then you know and I hope this project will encourage you to be more aware of how blessed we are. Thank you!


2 responses to “Half way there … Alomst!

  1. Great job so far for sticking with your plan and following through! Following your journey and updates is inspiring. It does make me think about students and that some of them will be hungry. At an after school reading program I am volunteering with, there is a snack provided. I have seen kids take lots of food and I remind myself, they might not have food at home. It’s amazing how much money we spend on food and other things we feel are necessities here in the first world, and until we critically reflect – do we really need everything we spend money on? I am sure there are things we can go without – thanks for making me think, consider and reflect in my own life!

  2. You are a very committed and thoughtful person. The learning and impact from this experience will stay with you for a long time, and it will also impact others. Amazing.

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