Because that’s what your dance is.

I was on face book and someone had posted this Ted Talk to my wall. I believe they did this in heart of the invisible children movement, but it spoke to me in other ways. Natalie Warne was not only a well spoken individual but she was passionate about a movement. Natalie interned at Invisible Children. She was given one project, to organize “The Rescue of Joseph Kony’s Soldiers”. Natalie and the other 99 interns planned 100 events in 100 cities from all over the world to rally support for awareness. The goal was to pass a bill. A bill that guaranteed support from the Obama administration and financial support to rescue these children and end a 25 year was in Africa. The event consisted of one hundred thousand people in 100 cities representing Joseph Kony’s soldiers. They rallied to get support from a celebrity. Once that celebrity acknowledged the problem and raised awareness the people the people in that city were ‘rescued’. With some struggle, Natalie’s city, Chicago, rallied around Oprah’s studio to get her attention, and they did. Natalie became a leader in this movement, an extraordinary.   She goes on to explain that although she was at the forefront of the movement it was the people who worked behind her that created the moment. She says, “It was people like this doing whatever they could, simultaneously, single mindedly with out a care to who was watching that made this happen. The Oprah moments, they prove that the supposedly impossible can be done, they inspire us, they boost our confidence. But the moments are not the movement. What fuels the movement is the anonymous extraordinaries behind it.” She goes on to explain that our generation needs to find a passion; “Whatever you want chase after it, not for the fame or the fortune, but because that is what makes your heart sing,  that’s what your dance is. That is what is going to define our generation.  It is the acts that make us extraordinary, not the Oprah moments.”

This woman has inspired me. I believe that media, technology and the mass amounts of information that we are bombarded with has numbed our society. We have become numb, because if we don’t tune out the world, the world will overwhelm us. Natalie says that we should find one passion. One passion is not overwhelming but it is what makes us human, it makes our blood flow. My passion involves teenagers, they are my dance. I have seen too much struggle, depression and suicide in teens who are lost. I am chasing my  passion to make a difference, and I will work 40 years in this profession happy, if I give one student a new outlook on life. All because I had one teacher who gave me a new outlook on life. I encourage you to find one thing a day that inspires you to inspire others or put a smile on someone’s face. Be someone different.


3 responses to “Because that’s what your dance is.

  1. I have been teaching for 17 years. I love my students and my job. In your post, you have outlined Steve Job’s Top Three Rules for Success:

    1. Do what you love to do. This would be “our” dance.
    2. Be different. Your last sentence mentions this. Agreed! Who wants to be a copycat?
    3. Do your best. Chase your passion. Make a difference. Inspire others.

    You are there 🙂 Best wishes for 40+ years of happiness and rewards.

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