Day 25

Since I bought a new set of groceries on the 15th this project has been considerably easier. The great things that have come out of this is that I no longer need or even want my Tim Horton’s in the morning, and to my surprise, I am okay with that. I now know that if I wake up ten minutes earlier to pack some sort of lunch that I save a tonne of money. I have also learned that I have priorities. Two of my best friends had birthdays on the 22nd and 24th and I just could not miss those. So I bought my one friend a DVD and sent her some flowers and I went for supper with the other. It makes me sad that I cannot say I went all the way through this without consuming but I know that I would have more regrets if I didn’t do something for my friends. I hope you all understand! I have 6 days left and I am hoping that there are no more birthdays so I can finish off strong. PS: I am loving the number in the bank account, what a difference this has made!

I think that I am going to follow up this project with one week of not spending each month, because I realize how much that will actually save. I also think that it is important for me to start setting better limits. I’ll be posting one final reflection at the end of the month, thanks to everyone who supports me in this! CHEERS!


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