Operation Consumer Awareness Comes to an End

To be honest, I am disappointed by myself for not holding out on this project to the very end. Not only did I cave last week to buy things for my friends birthdays but I caved a few more times after that. My attitude became, “I already messed this up, what’s the point on following this through anymore?” I bought a few coffees and I had a mental break down last week from stress from school so I drove home to see my parents on a whim, and that cost money in gas. Despite my last week being terribly derailed, I learned a lot.

First of all I learned that I can go with out and that I am just fine. I don’t need to go out for supper with my friends all the time, I can just cook for them at my house and have a little dinner party! It is more intimate and we can be loud and laugh and sit as long as we want with out feeling awkward about leaving the restaurant.

I learned that I can cook!!! I am a horrible cook so this experience was scary for me. I planned out my meals at the beginning of the month and I was able to cook all sorts of things that I never would have tried. I made dishes that I like to get at restaurants and most of the time they were just as good! This is a skill I definitely needed to learn.

I learned how to make informed decisions. When I wanted to get a coffee at Tim Horton’s or go for appetizers with a friend I had to sit back and think, “do I really need this?” Most, if not all the time, the answer is  no.

I think I will be following this up with one week per month of no spending. Strictly because I think that it is important to say no. Our parents always said no when we were kids and now we have to say no to ourselves. Also, limiting my spending has made me stop to see if I really want something or if I just want it at that moment. By not impulse buying I have time to stop and think if that is something that I will use and then I can go back and buy it at another time.

I recommend trying this to everyone! It’s hard and it requires a lot of self reflection, which is a good thing. I think it makes you a stronger person to limit yourself. I encourage you to try something that puts you out of your comfort zone, you would be surprised how much you learn about yourself.


4 responses to “Operation Consumer Awareness Comes to an End

  1. Just wanted to say awesome job even though it didn’t last as long as you wanted. I can say that you’ve inspired me and I enjoyed following your progress. Look at all you’ve learned and shared with others – be proud!

  2. Perhaps the address of your blog should be Randi Lynn INSPIRING. I thought your look at consumer awareness was very very refreshing and something that the world needs if we do not want to become a society consumed by materialism (perhaps some would argue that we are already there). I think one of the biggest points you made is: Just because we CAN have something does not mean that we SHOULD have it.

  3. You are making awesome points! I used to do stuff on impulse, and I guess I still do. However, as my hubby reminds me all the time, every penny counts for us, as we are both immigrants with no backup in Canada (or outside, actually). Now I usually stop and think – do I really need this donut? Do I have to buy the most expensive cheese? Or – I know this towel looks super cute, but will I actually ever use it? We also tend to invite people rather than going out, though cost-wise it is not cheaper if one person prepares meals for everyone, I’m afraid 🙂 Unless you spend more than $20 while out.
    Frankly speaking, I am surprised how Canadians just throw away a lot of money by going out all the time. I also can’t escape comparing prices to Poland (though I know it’s not a fair comparison, as how much you earn also matters). Well, regular food in stores costs almost the same in both countries, but a beer in a pub costs max. $3 in Poland, and at least $7 here…
    Yes, your effort to stop spending on impulse is worth watching and inspiring indeed. And please don’t beat yourself up for buying a coffee or going to see your parents. We are all human beings and we are and won’t be perfect. The very idea is really cool!

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