Summary of Learning

Progress- forward or onward movement toward a destination. I feel as though my progress in this class is more then I could have ever thought of when it first began. This is a class that I believe should be required in the Faculty of Education, becuase now that I have completed it, I am a much more valuable teacher. I have learned more in this one class then all my other education classes combined and I see how this class will directly affect how I teach. I have been able to develop ways to connect on the internet. I have learned that the internet can enable me to make professional connections faster then any other means, and by taking a hold of these I can be a much more engaging and well rounded teacher. I have realized that alone, I can only teach what I know, and what I know is limited. I can not compete with the vastness of information on the net. Instead of having a classroom that competes with that information (by restricting technology) my classroom will take advantage of the quality and quantity of information that is at our finger tips. This is a small sample of what I learned this semester, enjoy.

This is a summary of how I contributed to others learning. As I went through the course I took screen shots when I commented so that I could document it.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and invested in me! I plan on continuing with this on-line space. I believe that what you see here is a true reflection of myself as person and as a teacher. I can not wait to get into those schools! Only two more years.

Its been a slice.




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