And so it begins.

In April, I had the opportunity to go to a National Science Teacher Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas with the 12 other science majors that I have gone to school with the past three years. While we were there, we did our best to split up and attend as many different sessions as possible so that we could collect resources and ideas to share among  ourselves.  When we were on our way home we stopped in Denver to catch a connecting flight. As we got off the plane, our professor pulled us all into a group and challenged us to use one idea that we learned at the conference in our internship in the fall. As I have started to plan my lessons for the fall I have been struggling with what idea from the conference I would use.

I attended a session put on by FLINN science, and the presenter told us that through out the year, each student learned and presented a demonstration to the class, instead of him leading all the demonstrations. When I teach I want to do many short and easy demonstrations that clearly show concepts, so why not have the students do them? I am still struggling with how I will go about this idea. How do I want to assess it? How much input should the student have on how they run the demonstration? What should the rest of the class be required to do prior to, during and after the demonstration?

As my internship is only a few weeks away I need to start answering these questions and devising a plan. Any suggestions or ideas would be very helpful! I hope to get back into blogging through out my internship. I think blogging is a good way to track progress, to see where you started and where you have ended up. I will be teaching Chemistry 30 and Grade 9 Science from the start and then I will be picking up a couple math classes. I am also going to help with the fall school musical. Although I am nervous, the excitement overrides it.


Wish me luck!


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