Explain it Simply

Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

One of the biggest realizations I had as a teacher is how well you seem to know content when you have to teach it.  There was content that I taught during my internship that I did not understand in high school, and even less so in university, but was able to teach it smoothly.  I knew that to explain the content I had to understand it in depth, and as I would plan lessons, the content that I have found difficult in the past suddenly seemed easy to me.

This is something that should be applied to students learning more often. If they have to teach something to their peers, then they will more likely understand the concept better themselves.

I found an article called 6 Famous Thought Experiments Explained in One Minute Each. The concept of this came out of the Open University, which is an online learning environment that anyone with access to technology can take part in. The following is an example of a complicated thought experiment, by Einstein that is explained simply in one minute.

This is an interesting concept that could apply to teaching, learning and technology. You could have a classroom of students who, over the course of a semester, would each be in charge of one concept. They would make a 1 minute video and they all could be uploaded to a classroom website.  I think it would be an effective way to get students engaged in their learning. What do you think?


One response to “Explain it Simply

  1. @randiklassen That video was awesome! It was short, but put concepts into a clear and concise matter, had great visuals and good for a laugh or two. Thanks for sharing it.

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