Welcome to Gather and Gab!

Gather and Gab

For me, one of the best parts about teaching science, is the numerous resources we have to bring real, applicable and current science into the classroom. This year, the Saskatchewan Government has rolled out new Science 20 curriculum that is being piloted by teachers across Saskatchewan. The new curriculum focus’ on health, environmental, and physical science. These new plat forms allow students to explore science in a way that is meaningful to them, by exploring current technology, career options and scientific advances in the news under these broad topics.

Kelsey Rogers and I have decided to focus our major project in #ECMP455 on something that we will find useful in the future. We have come up with the concept of Gather and Gab. We want to gather teachers in the area of science and connect them with science experts to bring the world into their classroom. We are hoping that through the power of our twitter page, @gathergab we can connect teachers who want to skype with people working in science so that their students can explore careers in the field that they are studying in class.  To me, this looks like nurses and pharmacists skyping with a  health science class or a civic science organization such as Nature Watch tweeting back and forth with an environmental education class.

Our first step in this project involves your help! First, follow us on twitter so that we can connect Saskatchewan teachers to science professionals who will enhance the learning environment for their students. Technology is about bringing the world into our classrooms and that is what this  project is about.

Our main goal is to find a Saskatchewan teacher who is piloting either the health science or environmental science curriculum. Not only do we want to start an online community for connecting professionals in the fields of science and education, but we want to see if we can make it work in a real classroom setting! We are looking for one teacher to work with us to see how these ideas work, we were thinking that we could find four professionals to skype (or other methods) with your classroom over the course of four weeks.  We want to be flexible and see if we can add something to your classroom by allowing your students to explore careers in the field they are studying. If you or anyone you know is interested, haven them contact us through twitter, @randiklassen, @kelseywilk, @gathergab or email us at gatherandgab@gmail.com.

We look forward to connecting with you!


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