Genius Hour

I LOVE TWITTER! Shameless Plug.. @randiklassen

genius hour

Twitter has the ability to show you things that not even my education classes at university can show me, and if you really think about that, it’s amazing. I have been recently intrigued by genius hour, which I simply stumbled upon when I saw the #geniushour hashtag being used. I have been pondering the idea about how I can use this concept in my classes. The idea of genius hour is that students are given a promised allotted time to work on learning something that they want to learn. I think that the benefits of this could be outstanding! This idea actually started at Google, because they use this to increase productivity in their employees. Their research found that if they gave their employees time to learn about something that they were interested in, that their productivity went up and their job satisfaction sky rocketed. That is a very neat idea that could and should be applied somehow in education!

Now the hardest part of genius hour for me is the structure of it, or the lack there of. Somewhere along the line there has to be assessment done on it, whether formal or informal to see if its working, and if students are learning. If we aren’t doing that, we aren’t doing our job. But the problem is, how do you assess something so broad? Well, this post by Kristen Clarke sparked an idea. If they are required to document their learning, I can still keep it flexible but I can also see if it is successful. With cell phones, tablets and many different apps, it is very accessible for students to document their learning with videos, and then be able to share it with their classmates and with the world if they want to take advantage of social media!

Do you do anything like this with your students, i’d love to hear from you!


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