Nek Nomination? NO! #TeachNomination!

This is my first vlog! I was very excited to be nominated by @ChrisBrennan03, and check out his teach nomination! This was started by@MichErnesto and has been done by @bgabriel77, and @kelseywilk. I encourage you to watch their videos and follow the hashtag #technomination:

Mitch Ernesto

Kelsey Wilkenson

Ben Gabriel 


2 responses to “Nek Nomination? NO! #TeachNomination!

  1. I like your change up to the format of the #teachnomination. Thanks Randi! Do you think you will use this idea in your classroom? If yes, how will you use it?

  2. Thanks Mitch! If I had classroom where my kids were blogging I would for sure do this! I had a lot of fun making my video and coming up with a question to ask someone else, and I think students would enjoy that too! Plus you feel special when someone nominates you! How do you envision seeing this happen in your classroom, Mitch?

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