Analyzing the Data

One week ago, I asked you to evaluate my blog folio. Thank you to everyone who took the time to look around and give me  honest feed back. It is eye-opening to have other educators evaluate your blog. This is a summary of the feedback that I received.

I asked 5 questions that asked participants to rate my blog on a scale. The lowest average score I received was on the ease of use and organization of my blog. When I look through some of the comments, I can see some of the areas that I could improve. A couple people suggested that I change the order of my pages at the top, to highlight the pages with the most impact, such as my “what my classroom feels like” page. I also want to break my pages along the top into sub pages.  For example, the Lesson Plans page could be broken down into labs, lessons, and assessment tabs that would make these things easier to find.



I asked a few questions regarding how useful my blog folio might be to a future educator. The response was positive, which indicates to me that I am on the right track to showing the world who I am as a teacher.

Organization 2

I asked a few questions about how reflective my blog was, if it showed growth and if it reflected my philosophies as a teacher. Participants responded well to my blog in these categories. I seem to have met my goal of making my blog something that reflects my teaching style and ideologies.

Other suggestions for improvement included:

– more lesson examples

– organize the home page (includes over 60 general posts that are in chronological order)

I think that now that I have accumulated a large collection of posts, I could categorize them into posts about technology, reflections, projects and other broad topics to make that section easier to navigate

– my philosophy is long, so it should be categorized using headings

A really interesting suggestion was to record myself talking through my philosophy and do one geared to each of these – parents, heads of school, colleges and students

– re-read and edit old blog posts, every time you edit, the overall quality will be better

– find more ways to break up text using headings, quotes and more pages

Well done:

– Hands on learning section, lots of content that reflects who I am as a teacher

– shows passion, dedication, and growth

– reference letters and resume can be read right on the page (maybe I should do that with some of my best assessments and lesson plans)

My favorite question of the survey was, “In one word or phrase, what would you say is the main message (or feel) or this portfolio”. I made a wordle of the responses. The bigger the word, the more times it was used to describe my blog. These words truly describe who I am as a person, teacher and learner. Thank you for being perceptive to who I am!






One response to “Analyzing the Data

  1. This was such a great idea, Randi! It looks like you got some great feedback, and I love all the documentation you have done over the past 4 years of our degree. I especially liked the wordle you made at the end! Keep up the great work!

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