Lesson Plans

Science 9 Lesson Plans

Science 9 – Atoms and Elements Lesson – October 2013

One of my favorite assignments that I did with the grade nines during my internship was an assignment that I called “Hello My Name is Carbon.” Grade nine science is one of the first times that students get to experiment with the periodic table and find out what an ‘element’ is. They each drew an element out of a hat and they were to tell me a story about their element. The tricky part, is that I asked for it to be from their element’s point of view, like it had its own personality.  See the assignment and a student example below.

Science 9 – Atoms and elements Hello my name is carbon assignment (1) – September 2013

Student Example – Ethans Hello My name is Carbon Assignment



Chemistry 30 Lesson Plans

Chemistry 30 – Thermodynamics – September 2013

My Chemistry Students did a POE (predict observe explain) fair. It is almost like a science fair, but the experiments may be more simple science experiences that we did as kids (paper cup and string telephone). The students are to do these experiments and be able to explain the real science behind them. I encourage you to read my blog posts on this.

Chemistry 30 – Student POE Presentation


Biology 30 Lesson Plans




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