Student References

December 7, 2015

I am pleased to be sharing my experiences as a former student of Randi Klassen. While I was only privileged enough to be her student in my senior year of high school, I feel as though I have spent enough time in her classroom to know her true character.

Miss Klassen taught me Chemistry and Biology in grade twelve. Although my time as her student was short, I can honestly say it was a pleasure to be educated by her. She is very intelligent. There was not one question she couldn’t provide an explanation to or didn’t know the answer. Even the most advanced pupils were not able to defy her intellect in any subject. No concept was too difficult for her to engage an entire class. Miss Klassen was able to present the curriculum to us in ways that kept us intrigued for the full hour. It felt as if tine sped up whenever we were in her class and there just weren’t enough minutes in that hour to unmask all the wonders of science. She was always prepared. I cannot think of one week when lesson plans and goals were not laid out for us, and there were always back-up plans. I know I speak on behalf of many students when I say that Miss Klassen made class interesting. She opened up her classroom and created a comfortable learning environment that matched all students needs. She had ways of making you want to deepen your understanding and further your knowledge, regardless of whether you favoured science or not. Whether it was through experiments, labs, or as something as simple as a lecture followed by class discussion, we always left her class with a desire to learn more. She has this eminence about her as a teacher that makes you want to ask questions and expand your knowledge both in and out of the classroom. Her lessons leave you with lingering thoughts that you find yourself coming back to when your mind has nowhere else to go. That’s the thing about Miss Klassen; she teaches in ways that keep you thinking, wondering, and questioning long after class has finished.

Miss Klassen’s impact as a teacher has reached beyond the walls of the classroom and spilled into our lives outside of school. As a future teacher myself, I look up to her as a role model. I want my students to leave me class feeling the same way we felt leaving Miss Klassen’s. She has inspired me in so many ways and her passion for teaching is refreshing. She will be a great asset to any learning environment she chooses to become involved with. It is without hesitation that I provide these endorsements.

Jil Doyle

Former Student

Ponteix School

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